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Stories from Dom’s Corner

  • American Express Engaged in Systematic Racism – DOMAGRON terminates its relationship with Amex
    Due to the great courage of a whistle blower and the vigorous investigative reporting of Chris Rufo, the systematic racism of American Express has been exposed. In addition, to these black supremacist teachings, American express has also been involved in providing special grants to only small business owners of color.…
  • PayPal admits to targeting conservatives
    It was recently revealed that PayPal has teamed up with the racist left-wing organization Southern Poverty Law Center to systematically target conservatives and strip them of their financial resources. We knew something was up when PayPal recently modified it privacy agreement. If you didn’t read the their new privacy policy,…
  • The Liberal Censorship goons at Etsy thinks Q from Star Trek is a threat to humanity
    On a quest to remove all traces of conservatives, Etsy removed our shirt Famous Q Quotes. which contains popular saying from the Star Trek character Q. They reasoning QAnon promoted or endorses harmful misinformation. Obviously, the blooming liberals at Etsy don’t know the difference between a star trek character and…