Special Discounts

We offer special discounts on top of our regular prices, volume pricing, and promotional specials. All of the programs last one year and would need to be renewed annually. In the case of the School Rifle Team Program, the discounts will last through the academic year and would need to be renewed annually.

School Rifle Teams

Visit our School Rifle Team Program page to learn more about our program.

Non-Profit Ranges, Shooting Clubs and Hunting Clubs

This program is modeled after our School Rifle Team Program, but the discounts aren’t as steep. The DOMAGRON Non-Profit club program is designed to provide special discounts to the club and its members.

Here’s out it works:

– The club President or other Officer would call us at 1-844-DOMAGRON and press option 2 for wholesale sales to discuss the club, it’s composition and it’s goal. The Club must be tax exempt from both a Federal and State perspective  and met other criteria. Once we approve participation in the program, the following will happen:

– We will set up an online account for the club and each member. 

– When either the club or its members needs targets, they would log into their online account and place their order using the provided shopping code.  The special negotiated pricing would be reflected and the order will be shipped directly to the person placing the order.  

Members or Donors of Designated Organizations

Unlike most organizations, we don’t believe that companies should not donate money from sales of products. Doing so diverts funds from a customer to a charity or organizations that is in direct opposition that customer’s views in essence, funding the opposition. Instead, we offer special discounts to customers that have the same philosophical belief as ours- a subtle but important distinction in freedom. If you are a member of or donor to any of the following organizations, give us a call at 1-844-DOMAGRON and press option ‘1’ for retail sales. One of our representatives will guide you through the process. 

Active Duty, Retired, or Honorably Discharged members of the US Armed Forces

We respect those that offer their lives in provided us the very freedom we sleep under. If you are an active duty, retired, or honorably discharged member of the armed forces, give us a call at 1-844-DOMAGRON and press option ‘1’ for retail sales. One of our representatives can guide you through the process of obtaining your discount. 


If you own a brick and mortar store, we would love to talk to you about reselling our products in your store. And, if you are in an area not currently being served by a retail partner, we offer special wholesale pricing and consignment arrangements. Just give us a call at 1-844-DOMAGRON and press option ‘2’ for wholesale sales. One of our agents will speak to you to learn more about your business and see if there is a strategic fit.


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