DOMAGRON realizes how hard it is to start and maintain a school rifle team program. We are here to help. 

The DOMAGRON Rifle Team program is designed to provide special discounts to the school and members of the rifle team while they are a member of the team. 

Here’s how it works:

– The school sponsor would call us at 1-844-DOMAGRON and press option 2 for wholesale sales to discuss the team, it’s composition and it’s goal. The school must be an accredited school and meet other criteria. Once we approve participation in the program, the following will happen:

– We will set up an online account for the school sponsor and each member of the team. 

– When either the student or the school needs targets, they would log into their online account and place their order using the provided shopping code.  The special negotiated pricing would be reflected and the order will be shipped directly to the person placing the order.  

Here are things to note:

– The discount will depend on the team size and expected purchase volume over the course of the school year.

– To prevent the abuse of this special pricing, quantity limits are placed on purchases and type of target reflective of the size and nature of the program.


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