Don’t let old eyes take your shot with these reactive targets. Acting similar to a scratch-off lottery ticket, these targets are printed on bright green paper with a an overlay. When you shot pierces the paper, the green circle is displayed. Unlike other reactive targets, the reactive surface encompasses the entire target, not just the coring ring. And, because they are printed on tag paper instead of a sticker, they can be used on a wider range of temperature and humidity conditions than other reactive targets.

  • Green Fluorescent Reactive Target – 25 Yard Slow Fire Pistol Target B-16
  • COMPLETELY REACTIVE- Unlike other reactive targets which react just along the scoring ring, these targets are completely reactive.
  • VERSTILE- These are not printed on a sticker, but thick tagboard. As a result, they be used across a wider range of temperature and humidity conditions
  • WIDE AVAILABILITY- Availability in the B-8C, B-16, ST-4, B-29 and other scoring rings each under its own listing.
  • GREENER – Works like a scratch off ticket rather than through a chemical reaction like other reactive targets.

Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 0.5 in