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DOMAGRON catches Microsoft engaging in election tampering

You have been hearing a lot lately about big tech censoring conservative voices. It has gotten so bad lately that Twitter was caught falsely flagging a tweet from the President as false when in fact it was true. 


Now big tech has upped their game and started to blatantly  interfere with elections. DOMAGRON has learned that Microsoft has banned all our products across their Bing network because some of the bumper stickers that we sell support President Trump. If that is not trying to steer the election, I don't know what is.


We have written to our State Attorney General and the US attorney's office and included a copy of the transcript with Microsoft. We have also included a partial copy of the transcript for your perusal. Forgive our typos- our blood wasboiling.


It's acts like this that undermine our Democracy and is a continuance of Trump derangement syndrome. I encourage you to reach our to your Federal Legislators and Senator Ted Cruz (who is leading the effort against Big Tech) and encourage them to start taking action. The day we let Big Tech tell us what to think or how to think, is a sad day for our Freedoms.