American Express Engaged in Systematic Racism – DOMAGRON terminates its relationship with Amex

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Due to the great courage of a whistle blower and the vigorous investigative reporting of Chris Rufo, the systematic racism of American Express has been exposed. In addition, to these black supremacist teachings, American express has also been involved in providing special grants to only small business owners of color. When white business owners reached out regarding these grants, American Express has rejected the ability of these owners from applying- a clear demonstration of American Express’s racist practices. As a result, DOMAGRON can no longer have its name attached to American Express and has terminated its relationship with them. Therefore, we no longer accept American Express cards for payment nor use American Express for vendor payments. Join us an the other business owners tired of companies trying to suppress white business owners by giving black business owners unfair advantages by calling American Express and canceling your card. Yes, you can leave home without it.